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Service and maintenance

Buying a vehicle is a complicated business. We are happy to relieve you of as much fuss as possible in our BECO ‘one-stop shop’. We offer you the following additional services:

We employ expert and qualified personnel in our workshop. We work on all brands and models. Each vehicle is inspected to DVLA standards when it comes into stock.

In addition, we offer the following services:

Inspection station
After buying a vehicle, BECO can arrange the Ghanaian annual vehicle safety test or an export inspection for you.

Installing, testing and repairing tachographs are jobs for certified fitters. Our workshop has all the necessary certification.

Do you want to ship as many tractor units or semi-trailers as possible in one transaction at the lowest possible costs? If so, then ‘stacking’ may be the solution. Stacking involves placing multiple vehicles on another vehicle. Obviously, this must be done safely and it places high demands on both personnel and equipment. We have the expertise and heavy lifting equipment required to do this.

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