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Local and overseas partners

Our local partners are the friendly face of BECO for many customers. Local partners are independent sales agents whom we have carefully selected based on their professional skills, flexibility and dependability. BECO has collaborated with these partners for many years to everybody’s entire satisfaction.
You can request detailed stock information from our local partners. Furthermore, they are fully informed about all local import restrictions, customs regulations and shipping options. Our local partner will be delighted to make an appointment for you if you want to view a vehicle in Ghana.

Registration plates and transfers of ownership are matters that we can organise very quickly. This applies to export registration plates as well. If necessary, your purchase will be inspected in our workshop prior to exportation. When you sell a Ghanaian vehicle to us, you receive a certificate of indemnification. We can take all of this work off your hands. BECO has been granted the required accreditation for this by the DVLA. This government body sets stringent standards for companies in the vehicle sector with regard to performance of certain activities.  Our DVLA accreditation also includes performance of the annual Ghanaian vehicle safety inspections and installation of tachographs.

Official partners

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